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Home Vibration Control Products Vibration Footers KRIPTON IS-70ti/3 DLC/Pure Titanium Vibration Isolator-SET OF 3

KRIPTON IS-70ti/3 DLC/Pure Titanium Vibration Isolator-SET OF 3
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KRIPTON IS-70ti/3 DLC/Pure Titanium Vibration Isolator-SET OF 3

Price per Unit (piece): SGD$510.00
You Save: SGD$85.00

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Kripton High Quality Audio Insulators. There are two types of insulators, flat and soft spike types, available for audio equipment. The soft spike has a large O-ring that makes sufficient contacting area. Durable special silicon rubber is used for O-ring. Type IS insulators can be used face and back depending upon your choice. DLC, Diamond Like Carbon, Pure Titanium Insulators: The titanium insulators are coated with DLC guaranteeing high acoustic performance. You’ll be surprised of its clear, dynamic and natural sound reproduction.

Quantity SET OF 4 SET OF 3 Type Software spike type Weight/size Diameter 50× thickness 10mm 68g/ DLC which is industry first advanced technology (the diamond like carbon) for the maniac of the Takasina rank which coating is done it is the DLC insulator in the pure titanium insulator. DLC (the amorphous diamond thin film) acoustic physical quality improves substantially by the fact that coating it does, until now natural can obtain the sound quality strongly with clearing which is not. There are 2 type 3 models of “flat type” and “software spike type”. 1.DLC (non crystal diamond) material quality DLC (the amorphous diamond) it has the propagation speed of sound of approximately 2 times that titanium. This DLC with the plasma ion plating, the action which lets escape the vibration of the equipment to the floor by coating doing on the surface of the pure titanium whose hardness is large, improved substantially, reached the point where clear you can obtain the sound quality more. 2. Ultimate brace silicon material O ring The silicon rubber material O ring which shows the effect of the brace of damping and the floor of the natural frequency of the titanium metal was adopted. This material is the material which is superior very much in strength, withstanding pressure characteristic and movement characteristic. 3. “Flat type”, “software spike type” 2 type 3 models We prepared 2 types of flat type and software spike type. As for software spike type, point contact because of the structure which designates the contact area as the big circular arc, without damaging the equipment, it can obtain the spike effect. You can use in the chart reverse side whichever aspect with sound and the installation circumstance which are the taste.

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