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Musiclink was established in 1991 specialising in low to high end Audio, Video and accessories.

Our wide variety of products will appeal to anyone who loves music and would like to improve their equipment to achieve audio nirvana.

However, our experience was obtained during our years working for our family owned business under the company Nation Electronics (est. 1967) & Minilex Electrical Industry Pte Ltd (est. 1989). 

Musiclink is committed to distributing only quality products to quality dealers & distributors. Our product lines include components manufactured by renowned manufacturers in the high-end AV industry.

We serve as the bridge between the manufacturer and the dealer to bring products of the highest quality to the Consumer.



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Vintage HI-FI Collections

Vintage HI-FI Collections (1)

Featured Products

Teresa Teng 15th anniversary Dual Vinyl LP Record

Teresa Teng 15th anniversary Dual Vinyl LP Record

New@Musiclink. Introducing Teresa Teng's 15th Anniversary Vinyl LP Record.

Furutech μ-XAg 75Ω Silver Plated μ-OFC Cable

Call for Pricing
Furutech μ-XAg 75Ω Silver Plated μ-OFC Cable

Furutech's μ-X Ag 75Ω Coaxial Cable (50M/Reel) Silver Plated μ-OFC + Teflon. 50m/reel

Tiff Electronics TIC-5000 RCA-3.5mm Interconnect-1m

You Save: SGD$60.00
Tiff Electronics TIC-5000 RCA-3.5mm Interconnect-1m

A famous brand back in the '80s', Tiff Electronics manufactures a range of Audio connectors, interconnects, speaker cables etc all 100% Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA.

PS Audio BHK Signature 250 Power Amplifier

Call for Pricing
PS Audio BHK Signature 250 Power Amplifier

New arrival@Musiclink. Introducing PS Audio's BHK Signature 250 Stereo Power Amplifier

Isotek Premier Evo3 13A UK-20A IEC Powercord

You Save: SGD$30.00
Isotek Premier Evo3 13A UK-20A IEC Powercord

An award winning cable from IsoTek's new ‘Discovery Range’. Premier is the first power cable to be release as an EVO3 design.

ETI Bullet Unbalance Silver AG RCA Connector

You Save: SGD$75.00
ETI Bullet Unbalance Silver AG RCA Connector

The Bullet Plug connector is a totally new approach to RCA/phono connection where every aspect of electron flow has been considered. The result is an RCA compatible connector that can improve the performance of any analogue, digital or video cable - ofte

PS Audio DirectStream DAC

Call for Pricing
PS Audio DirectStream DAC

PS audio has just landed in Musiclink. Introducing DirectStream DAC-Stereophile & Absolute Sound's Product of the Year.

HRT MicroStreamer USB DAC

You Save: SGD$91.00
HRT MicroStreamer USB DAC

New from HRT USA, introducing the Award winning Microstreamer. A small compact USB dac designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. Check it out soon.

SONY TA-F3000ES Integrated Amplifier

SGD$1 500.00
SGD$1 200.00
You Save: SGD$300.00
SONY TA-F3000ES Integrated Amplifier

Available now@Musiclink. Introducing the world renowned ES series from SONY. Famous for its superior sound and built quality. A must have for Vintage collectors.

AS-Acoustic System ASHT520BDP2 5.25" 2-Way Ceiling Surround Loud

SGD$1 500.00
You Save: SGD$600.00
AS-Acoustic System ASHT520BDP2 5.25

AS-Acoustic System's ASHT520BDP2 specialty di-pole/Bi-pole home theater ceiling mount speakers are perfect for outfitting a 5.1, 6.1, or even a 7.1 theater system.


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